Paintless Dent Removal

Services / Prices   * We also fix dents in white and stainless goods, fridges, washers, driers, etc *

*  Vehicle panel and paint is also available, where PDR isn't practical *

* Hail repair and sub contracting with body shops to bring your vehilce back to as new *

Now offering headlight restoration, bringing UV affected, hazy headlights back to new !!
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Usually, PDR costs less than an average insurance excess, so you can protect your policy no claim, and save money.
Please contact us for a free, no obligation assessment of your panel damage.

Email or mms your name, suburb, and a picture or two of your dent, and in most cases we can give you a price based on this.
We can also provide an estimation over the phone based on your description, and if this is suitable, arrange to attend site to confirm an estimate, and do the job on the spot.

If we can't do the job perfectly due to dent size, particulars, or structural reasons, we will tell you, provide alternatives, and give advice on traditional repair methods for you to follow up.

We can also repair certain damage as best possible, which in most cases is undetectible to a casual walk around the vehicle.

'Push for paint' is another useful service, where damage can be fixed to a stage where only minor work and top coat painting is needed to fix any broken paint . . . or where there is a small dent near a larger area of damage, PDR can reduce the area in size for repainting / blending.

On average, a small car park dent up to a 10c piece in size, in a reasonably accessible area, costs from $110.00 to repair.
If you have more dents in the same (or other) vehicle, each dent will be a lot less in cost to repair while we are on site.

Some dent photos and price examples, inclusive of GST (example prices are for repairs at out base) . . .

from $110.00 (small dent or crease)


from $195 (larger dents to fist size)


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Considering traditional panel shop repainting of a single car body panel is about $250 to $350 alone, without cost of actual dent repair, the best way to assess your potential savings is to call us on 0412 972 652, or MMS a pic or two, and your suburb. 

We can usually provide a reasonably accurate estimate and advice to suit your individual needs.

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