Paintless Dent Removal

About Adelaide PDR

Owned and operated by Les Skinner . . . Les is a panel beater / spray painter and has spent many years using basic PDR principles during traditional repairing of vehicles.

Now solely concentrating on true PDR techniques for minor damage, Les has researched and trained in modern PDR methods, and is continually sourcing the latest / best PDR tools from around the World, as well as making many of his own tools . . . all to ensure the optimal results are achieved with your repair.

We don't get much hail damage in Adelaide, but regularly travel to Brisbane QLD on hail repair trips of several weeks at a time regularly through the year.

We use several methods to fix dents.

Traditional shaped bars and rods to access the back of the dent and gently work it out, or for some repairs the latest glue pulling systems is used for difficult access areas.

Other special repair techniques have been developed and refined to enable quick & professional removal of small or larger dents.

Special lighting systems ensure we can see what the dent needs, and get the job completed to a high standard.

All Adelaide suburbs and nearby regions are serviced, and we can also assist in more distant country areas by arrangement.