Paintless Dent Removal

* Up to 75% less cost than conventional repairs *

* Onsite convenience, don't be without your car *

* We can repair at your home or workplace *

* Keep your original factory paint warranty ! * 

* The GREEN option for dent repair . . . *

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         Examples,  before . . . and after

PDR is short for Paintless Dent Removal, sometimes called paintless dent repair. PDR is the perfect solution to those annoying car park dents, small accidental
dings and creases, and hail damage.

It is a craft that takes time and patient skill to achieve a high level of completion, and in most cases panel damage can be bought back to a level where it is no longer noticible, even to the discerning eye.

What sort of dents can be removed ?
Virtually any small / medium size dent where the paint surface is not broken.
(We advise if / when a dent is too large / complex to be economically viable for PDR, or if a traditional repair is a better option both in practical terms / cost wise.)

With special tools, a dent is carefully massaged out to restore the panel surface to its original shape, without the need for sanding, body filler, putty / primer, or new
top coat respraying.

PDR means your factory paint is left in its original sound state.
You won't have possible mis-matched colour, or patchy and deteriorated paint fading in years to come, and you will not void your new car paint warranty.

PDR is the GREEN option for suitable dent repair, no nasty chemicals or residues.

Your place, or ours . . .

PDR usually means your car is not off the road for days, but done onsite at your home or work.

Travel & vehicle costs apply.
'Our place' is an option to keep costs down for budget concious clients. Sit, watch, chat, coffee.

Usually a dent removal is completed within 30 mins to a couple of hours, not only dramatically reducing labour costs of traditional repair methods, but ensuring you are not without your vehicle for unnecessarily longer than needed.

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